Online Help

Input Window:

Ballistic Coefficient:    The Ballistic Coefficient (BC) is a simple, 
calculated value that describes the aerodynamic efficiency of a projectile 
or bullet in flight. A lower number being bad (.100) and a higher being better 

Projectile Weight: This is the weight of the projectile being shot. The weight 
in measure in grains

Initial Velocity: This is the speed of the projectile as it leaves the muzzle 
of the firearm. It is measure in feet per second.

Zero Range: The is the range at which the firearms sight are zeroed or set at. 
This is measured in yards

Sight Height Over Bore: Well... This is the height of the sight over the bore. 
Measured in inches.

Shooting Angle: This is the angle of the bore, in elevation, in relation to the 
target. Measured in degrees

Wind Speed: This is the speed of the wind.  Measured in miles per hour.

Wind Angle: This is the angle of the previously mentioned wind in relation to 
the shooting direction.  Measured in degrees.

Atmospheric Correction: This option lets you whether to use standard atmospheric 
data or allow you to input your own.

Altitude: How high you are above sea level. Measured in feet.

Temperature: The ambient air temperature. Measured in degrees  fahrenheit

Barometric Pressure:  This is the ambient air pressure. Measured in inches of 

Relative Humidity: The amount of water vapor that exists in the air. Measured 
as a percentage.
Range Table:
This window displays the calculated solution. This window display the information
in units of range (yard).

Optimal PBR:
This window allows you to calculate the most effective sight zero for a firearm 
based on a specified vital zone.
Save Solution:
This allows you to save a calculated solution to various file types. The maximum 
range of the saved solution will be based upon the options set in the Options Menu
Save Input Data:
This allows you to save the input data from the Input Window to a .ACP file for 
later retrieval.
Load Input Data:
This allows you to retrieve input data saved to an .ACP file so you don't have to 
enter it manually again
Get Weather Data:
This windows allows you to download the local weather data off the internet, if your device is capable. When you
click the download button, the program will attempt to retrieve the weather data. It will then display it below so you can verify
its accuracy. The data is not exported the rest of the program until you click the export button. Additionally, when you click the
export button, it will calculate the winds relative bearing to you so you don't have to do the math. Just input (in degrees) what
direction you are shooting. North being 360° or 0°, East being 90° and North-East being 45°.
The options window allows you to set the maximum range of the range table and in 
what steps should the range table be displayed.